Friday, July 16, 2010

Ready to Rumble: SPGU Fight Straps

Another day another Brodeur.

Today's blog features a unique item of a newer concept from UD. This is the second straight year that UD has put Famous Fight Straps in it's yearly SPGU Edition.

The 08/09 version's of the cards where /3 and featured a vertical design. The design in 08/09 was very visually pleasing, but tough to get.
So instead I dipped into the 09/10 version of the card, numbered to /10. This card is mostly appealing because of it's low numbered and for the uniqueness of the membrobilia in it.
Here's the card in question:
I would've liked to have seen this card have a color scheme that is more complementary to the team. Although the old style design does lend it self to be unique.
The headshot is old, as Marty was wearing his MB30 helmet for a full year when these where released and I would've rather had a real auto then a facsimile auto.

All in all it's a very nice card and it's not completely locked in the PC. It can be moved for something on my Brodeur Bucket List (watch for future blog) that I find more visually appealing.

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