Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Has the mystery been solved?

On the Devils form on the Hockey's Future Website I posted a question about where these jersey pieces come from.

I got this response:
The Devils wore the jerseys with the rubbery crests and numbers in the pre-season through 92-93. Even though 92-93 was the first year of red and black, the team wore the old red and greens in the pre-season. Brodeur wore #30, not #29 that pre-season in the red and green but I don't have a photo. I do happen to have a photo of his game-worn pre-season jersey from that year though, just not an action shot of him wearing it.

This lends itself to what I originally thought. Hmmmmm.

I think we may have cracked this one!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Yet Another Aritfacts......

................. patch containing the mysterious red/green/white Marty Patch.

Lets go over this again. The red is rubber, it is layered over the green which is then on top of the white jersey material.

Fellow blogger, collector, Marty Lover, Andrew and I have debated these patch's for awhile now. Andrew went as far to ask Dr Price for input, he couldn't figure it out. We could try asking UD, but you know.....


this patch like the one pictured in the blog below also contains a black jersey swatch. There are a lot of similarities in these cards. This is the first one I have received that that shows so much of the each of the three colors.

Interesting note, I now have numbers 20/25 and 21/25.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Ready to Rumble: SPGU Fight Straps

Another day another Brodeur.

Today's blog features a unique item of a newer concept from UD. This is the second straight year that UD has put Famous Fight Straps in it's yearly SPGU Edition.

The 08/09 version's of the cards where /3 and featured a vertical design. The design in 08/09 was very visually pleasing, but tough to get.
So instead I dipped into the 09/10 version of the card, numbered to /10. This card is mostly appealing because of it's low numbered and for the uniqueness of the membrobilia in it.
Here's the card in question:
I would've liked to have seen this card have a color scheme that is more complementary to the team. Although the old style design does lend it self to be unique.
The headshot is old, as Marty was wearing his MB30 helmet for a full year when these where released and I would've rather had a real auto then a facsimile auto.

All in all it's a very nice card and it's not completely locked in the PC. It can be moved for something on my Brodeur Bucket List (watch for future blog) that I find more visually appealing.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

HI Generosity from one of the Best!

About a month back Vegas posted he needed help from a Canadian member on HI. I found that ironic because there have been tonnes of times that I've needed help from an American member. So I jumped at the chance to help one of the best, plus I had the day off and it gave me something to do!
So I went down to Wal-Mart and tracked down a couple of tin's of Ovation for him that showed his buddy Mike Richards on them (man I hate Richards).

So for helping out one of HI's finest he sent me along a gift that fits right into my pc.

09/10 OPC Materials Quad Devils Jersey

This is a very visually appealing card. The color schemes are very cool and the 2009 lends itself to some pretty good sized swatch's. I like the full body shots that are used for the players.
If I had to critique one aspect of the design, it would've been cool to have two players in red and two in white. That's the only flaw I can find in the layout.
The white around the black and red swatch's really make the numbers pop and the fact that there is some black fuzz coming out of the top right of the Elias swatch is pretty cool.

Thanks Vegaspuck for a great card!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Adding to the stash

Two more "RC Patch's" have been added to the collection.
These two come in a very easy deal with Vonkal on the HI boards.

Lets look at the Artifacts Card.
This is a jersey/patch combo. The swatch is black, like most others I've seen. The Patch swatch is a red rubber and green rubber piece with a slight bit of white jersey.
Artifacts is notorious for having so many parallels. This is the /25 Gold version of this card. These also come in the /50, silver /35, and blue /10.
This is the only version of the card to come with the red/white/green patch.


The next card is from 05/06 UD Ultimate collection. Since this is an older card I don't know to much about it. I do know that I've seen two others of this card. Each of those two cards seem to be part of the 3 from the 30 of Marty's shoulder. Which leads me to believe that this jersey is from the preseason of 94/95 before the Devils switched to the black/red/white when the season started.
This swatch features the red and green rubber pieces. It's a very solid piece and I'm not totally sure where on the jersey this will come from. The red seems to stop at the bottom for a solid red corner. Only thing I can think of is if it's part of the O in "30" but that is rounded at the bottom.

This something I'll continue to look into.

2004/05 UD 1997 Game Jerseys

here is an interesting concept. A throw back to the first edition of the over populated jersey card concept. Since the inception of jersey cards they have become so widely packed out that some checklists are so full of scrubs and .25cent hits.

So here it is, Marty's version of the throw back.
Looking for an original.


The Start of a New PC

While at the expo a friend (Andrew - get to know him and his blog http://cardboardcrazy.blogspot.com/ it's awesome) picked up this card:


such a beautiful card, I set out to find my own.

On my honeymoon a similar card came up and it became a target. I had to close the deal. Well shortly after returning home from Boston I had this pop up in the mailbox:


while it is not the auto'd version I am very happy to have added this card. The patch's on this card are Red White and Green. These are also more of a rubber feel to them while also having some actual patch material.
You might be asking where these patch's come from well if you remember back to Marty's early early devils career he wore the old Christmas jersey's for a very brief time. These patch's are from then. So this is RC patch stuff here.

More of these patch's and more detailed analysis to come.

Stay tuned.