Monday, July 12, 2010

Adding to the stash

Two more "RC Patch's" have been added to the collection.
These two come in a very easy deal with Vonkal on the HI boards.

Lets look at the Artifacts Card.
This is a jersey/patch combo. The swatch is black, like most others I've seen. The Patch swatch is a red rubber and green rubber piece with a slight bit of white jersey.
Artifacts is notorious for having so many parallels. This is the /25 Gold version of this card. These also come in the /50, silver /35, and blue /10.
This is the only version of the card to come with the red/white/green patch.


The next card is from 05/06 UD Ultimate collection. Since this is an older card I don't know to much about it. I do know that I've seen two others of this card. Each of those two cards seem to be part of the 3 from the 30 of Marty's shoulder. Which leads me to believe that this jersey is from the preseason of 94/95 before the Devils switched to the black/red/white when the season started.
This swatch features the red and green rubber pieces. It's a very solid piece and I'm not totally sure where on the jersey this will come from. The red seems to stop at the bottom for a solid red corner. Only thing I can think of is if it's part of the O in "30" but that is rounded at the bottom.

This something I'll continue to look into.


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