Sunday, August 1, 2010

More info on the rubber jersey's

The following was posted by waltdorholt on (devils section)

The "rubber" jerseys are usually old preseason jerseys that were recycled. They used a heat seal vinyl material for the logo and numbers. Typically used because they never knew who would be staying on the roster for the regular season. They were really just a step up from a practice jersey. Though some teams used heat seal jerseys for the regular season too. Pittsburgh wore them for years in the 80's.

The same goes for game jerseys without the nameplates. Sometimes when a player was traded, they just recycled the jerseys and stitched names right to the material without a nameplate. That was way back in the day when teams were poor and did what they could to save money.
Also, teams usually have 3-4 jerseys per player for the season, some sets may not have used nameplates, so it could have changed during the season, depending on the wear and tear of the jersey. I would assume that goalie jerseys take a huge beating compared to the skaters jerseys, so they probably go through jerseys quicker.
So if one player has a nameplate on his jersey and another doesn't, even though the jerseys are from the same season or even the same set, it doesn't mean they are fakes. It could just be from a jersey repair, or a recycled jersey from a traded player, etc.

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