Thursday, August 5, 2010

3 patch's, 1 jersey, 2 cards.........Devils Mail

Here we have a couple of cool new cards of some very enjoyable devils to watch.

First we have a very nice patch from this years Ultimate. A very nice 3 color Zach Parise patch. The window is very big, and the design this year is very nice. We Devils fans are hoping that Lou can lock this guy up to a life long contract as well.

Secondly we have a triple fabrics David Clarkson. We get 2 patch's and 1 jersey in on this card. Clarkson doesn't have much to any game used, and as I understand this is his only patch card.
In the future I'd like to add another one of these that has more color in the patch window's but being that this card is 09/10 and is already a year old, I don't know if that'll happen any time soon.

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